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If you are on this website, chances are you already know about Usenet and the components needed in downloading files from it. And one of the key programs needed when accessing and downloading from Usenet are NZB sites.

Here at BestNZBSites.com, we maintain a current list of all the top NZB sites on the Internet with quick descriptions and easy-to-read bullets to make it more convenient for you to choose which one would best suit your needs.

As a group of like-minded individuals who believe that Usenet is a more efficient, safer and convenient tool for file access, we’ve developed BestNzbsites.com to provide a streamlined, quick glance on NZB sites. So, whether you are a veteran Usenet user or a beginner, you can find what type, price point or software you need here on BestNzbSites.com.

What are NZB Sites

Searching Usenet
NZB Sites or Usenet Indexers is a key component in Usenet access especially in terms of accessing and downloading files. It works similarly as a typical search engine where you simply type in the keywords for the files or posts you are looking for and it generates search results.

NZB Sites are specifically made for Usenet. It is used to find posts and files on Usenet since Usenet posts cannot be found using an Internet search engine.

Generally, there are two types of Usenet indexers: NZB Sites and Usenet Search Engines. Both allow you to search for posts on Usenet. However, Usenet search engines provide more of a raw search to find specific Usenet posts while NZB sites focus on giving users ready-made NZB files.

BestNzbSites.com not only covers the best nzb sites on the internet today but also the top Usenet search engines available.

NZB Sites vs Torrent Sites

Knockout Punch
If we are to compare NZB sites with Torrent sites, we would need to compare Usenet with BitTorrent. For the longest time, these two platforms have been compared to each other with several factors being considered by users as to which one is the best. While there may not be a definitive answer in general, we find that Usenet is safer to use.

There are several reasons why Usenet is safer than BitTorrent. First, Usenet is a server filled with files uploaded by people just like yourself, so you’re not broadcasting your IP address to strangers when you’re downloading. The only other party that can detect your IP address is your Usenet provider and they don’t even keep a lasting record of your activity.

BitTorrent, on the other hand, connects your computer to any number of strangers which compromises your identity when using it. And while there are ways to make your BitTorrent activity more secure, Usenet instantly provides that security through its protocol and SSL offered by Usenet providers.

Another aspect that makes Usenet safer than BitTorrent is its retention rate. Retention refers to the length of time Usenet servers keep files. Unlike with BitTorrent having files permanent in their system, Usenet providers keep files for a set retention period of several years usually. This makes tracking your downloads far more difficult.

It is also important to note that Usenet users don’t ever need to upload anything which not only is less resource-intensive for your device but more importantly, makes users less legally liable.

With all these factors considered, we find that NZB sites (and Usenet in general), is a more convenient, efficient, and safer than Torrent sites mostly due to the fact that it relies on people sharing files over the Usenet server rather than transferring data without a central server which Torrent does.

Pros and Cons of Usenet

Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down
Of course, like any other software or program, Usenet is not all rainbows and butterflies. It is not a perfect system, but it definitely does have a lot of positives. Usenet has its own pros and cons just like any other file sharing technology.

There are several positives with Usenet when compared to other file sharing protocols. The first advantage that it has is its speed. Usenet is definitely one of the fastest file sharing tools available today since speed throttling is not an issue especially when using a decent Usenet provider. With Usenet, you are only limited by the speed of your own internet connection.

Privacy and security are also one of the main reasons why users go for Usenet. Most Usenet providers offer SSL encryption when you connect to their servers which gives users the anonymity and privacy they need when accessing and downloading files. Only you and your Usenet service provider will know what your activity is, and your Usenet service won’t even keep logs of what you access and download.

Usenet is also very simple to use. With an abundance of Usenet clients, NZB sites and Usenet search engines which have an easy-to-use interface, users can easily navigate through programs and efficiently access the files they need. There are also third-party programs that support or can be integrated with other Usenet tools that provide an additional layer of convenience for users.

But while there are a lot more positives that can be mentioned with regards to Usenet, there are also some aspects that can be considered as flaws by some.

Pricing can be an issue for some users since, when compared to Torrent, most Usenet providers charge a subscription fee for you to be able to enjoy the full perks of what they offer. Although there are some internet service providers that offer free access to Usenet, they only provide a very basic level of subscription and access to only a limited number of newsgroups. To be able to have complete and unlimited access, you would need to subscribe to a reliable Usenet service for a fee.

The good thing about this, though, is that Usenet is populated with a lot of decent Usenet providers that offer multiple levels of subscription. So, you can choose which price point would best work for you. It is especially important for you to check the inclusions, features and additional services Usenet providers offer to make a sound judgment.

Finally, Usenet is not immune to viruses. Like any other file sharing program, viruses can be found on Usenet. While it is a usual occurrence for a lot of online platforms, it is not unavoidable. The key with avoiding viruses is responsible downloading – being careful with what you download, doing your own precautionary measures before opening a file and even reading comments on Usenet posts for possible negative file reviews.

Getting Started with Usenet

Getting Started With Usenet
To start using Usenet, you would need the following components:

Usenet Provider

  • Subscribe to a reliable Usenet provider and choose a plan that best suits your needs. Make sure you select a provider that offers a good retention rate, SSL encryption, true unlimited access, multiple server locations and connections and check out if they offer additional features and benefits.

NZB Site or Usenet Search Engine

  • As mentioned, an NZB site and Usenet search engine helps you find the files you want to access and download.
  • Reliable NZB sites and Usenet search engines index millions of files from thousands of newsgroups.
  • Check out our current list of NZB sites here on BestNzbSites.com for the ones that would perfectly suit you.

Usenet client/ Newsreader

  • Usenet clients are essential to access and view posts made on newsgroups. There are different types of Usenet clients from newsreaders that are used to view, post, and download text and binary files, NZB Downloaders that are specifically designed for downloading or unpacking binary files (NZB files) and Hybrid Usenet clients which combines the functions of both newsreaders and NZB downloaders.

Learning More About Usenet

There are also other Usenet programs available today that provide an additional layer of convenience to Usenet downloading. With additional features like automation and scheduling, these supplementary programs are useful tools that offer more efficiency to your Usenet experience.

And while they are not considered as required programs, these Usenet-related tools and applications can enrich your Usenet experience and make it even more enjoyable.

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